Timeless Storytelling

Xmas Card Kids Shoot

January 4, 2017

Happy New Year All!

I’ve been enjoying a lovely festive break with my family but I wanted to share a little project I undertook back in November when I decided I wanted to design our own Xmas cards with a picture of our little Eddie looking all Xmassy and cute!

First mission! Find a cute Xmassy outfit! I went into Kit and Caboodle in Romsey, Hampshire and found these super cute Blade and Rose leggings with a reindeer on the bum! I then teamed this with a super cosy Zara knitted jumper and his Russell and Bromley shoes. We were all set!

Next! Location! Living in Ampfield, Hampshire there were lots of potential options for Xmassy settings. Winchester was in full on Xmas mode with all the Xmas markets and lights however I wanted something more natural but I still wanted a Xmas tree so I went exploring in our local forest (Ampfield Forest) and found loads of different size Xmas trees all naturally growing and beautiful. I packed up a pack of battery string lights and some Xmas baubles that I bought on sale from Rockett St George last year and we went on our little mission, Beagle Bo also in tow and not forgetting Monkey!

We arrived, decorated a tree and I just let Eddie play and have fun while I snapped away. I was so pleased with the results. It was so difficult to narrow it down to one for the Xmas card. I did sneak a little pic on the back. Everyone loved their Xmas cards this year, next year is going to be tough to beat!

Hope you all had a Xmas filled of as many mince pies as I had!