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Amanda + Steve

November 29, 2017

Its blog time and this is a goodie!

So I was lucky enough to get invited to Malta to photograph Amanda and Steve.

I meet these guys this time last year and I immediately loved these 2! Such a gorgeous couple inside and out. We chatted for hours and laughed and laughed. I knew the wedding would be amazing.

I got to spend some more time with Amanda when she asked me to do some ‘boudoir’ shots for her as a wedding present to Steve. Watch this space… I will blog this soon but it was so cool!

So I arrived the beautiful Gozo, Malta a day before the wedding. We then met at their beautiful venue, the Citedal in Gozo center… WOW! Stunning! We then went to the azure window which isn’t there anymore but still made for some beautiful engagement photos.

Then it was the wedding day! I’m not gunna lie it was the hottest I have ever been and I did not hug the couple as I said goodbye A LOT later that evening for fear they would pass out from the smell of pure sweat but it was worth every single second!

I also had 2 hours sleep before leaving at 3am to get on the ferry to catch my flight home but I literally edited most of the wedding by the time the flight landed… I LOVED IT!!

Gorgeous couple, totally happy and in love, amazing guests and a family that made me feel like family (I even got a seat at the table which was soooo lovely), the most beautiful location… I’ll stop gushing and just refer you to the pics!