I love to capture real natural moments.

I don’t want to turn your wedding into a photoshoot or take you away from your guests for hours. I aim to capture the real moments between you and your guests, as they happen. I love to have a little time with you to create some beautiful bride and groom shots but these will be very relaxed. I will just take you somewhere pretty and let you interact as Husband and Wife and I will capture you naturally. I will of course do group shots but I will keep these to a minimum so everyone can get back to enjoying the day and I will at least try to make these interesting rather than the typical line up.

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I use the beautiful world around us.

I love to use the stunning world around us to capture some beautiful landscape shots. I prefer natural light and avoid flash with the exception of the all important first dance shot but even then if I can get a shot with out flash I will. If I see a good bit of light or a beautiful sunset that’s the only time I will try and drag you away for some shots, it will be worth it! I might also ask you to meet me a silly o’clock in the morning for your engagement shoot to capture beautiful sunrise shots. I’m not scared of rain and if you are unfortunate to have a day of full on rain we will still get out to get some shots, providing your up for it of course.

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I look for the random moments from the people you love most in the world. 

Obviously you guys are the most important people at your wedding and I will be pretty much stalking you but your wedding is also full with the people you cherish the most in the world and I make sure I capture them, naturally. Whether it be a random selfie or a cheeky page boy I look for those random moments that make a great picture and capture the character of the guest.

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You work hard on the details, I make sure I capture them.

I love the details of a wedding and it is after all what makes a wedding day yours. Months and even years of planning has gone into planning your wedding day and I make sure that I capture all the details you have worked so hard to create. I will notice every tiny little detail but will try and capture every detail in as natural way as possible. I won’t be doing cheesy shots of the rings on top of flowers or putting the flowers on a window sill, I will capture things naturally, flowers in your hand or randomly dumped somewhere.

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Relaxed and informal but extremely professional.

I am relaxed, unobtrusive and really just fit in with you, your guests and your wedding day. I wont ask you to change any of the running order of your day to fit in photos. I want to tell the natural story of your day not create the story by forcing situations. This encourages you and your guests to feel at ease around me which creates more natural moments. As soon as I get home I immediately download all your images and back them up on my hard drive and also an off site hard drive. I will always be early and I don’t ask to be fed, I bring biscuits! I have a quick break whilst you and your guests are eating as nobody wants pictures of them eating however I do make sure I am there to get detail shots of what your eating.

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I don’t force you to buy more hours or photos.

I’m just here to take pictures of your day. I don’t want to sell you prints, albums or additional time. I include all of your photos, full size and watermark free. I don’t limit the amount, anything I love, you will get. I edit all of my photos individually, I don’t use any clever pre-sets or filters, each photo is edited one by one to ensure each one is perfect. You can make prints & albums from the files you will receive. I can advise and can do this for you if you prefer but I do this out of the love of seeing my images bought to life in print form, not to make additional money.

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So that pretty much sums up my approach to photography. If you like the sound of how I work then perfect, get in touch and I will work my hardest to capture your magical memories from your wedding day.