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Looking For A Wedding Photographer In Southsea?

Are you planning to get hitched in Southsea in 2017? Do you want a photographer who’s truly passionate about weddings?

Whether your wedding is in winter or spring, Carrie Lavers will capture the unique personalities of you and your guests in sharp, beautiful looking photographs.

From church weddings and registry offices, to your afterparty, we will make the most any setting you have in Southsea.

Our wedding photography particularly makes use of the world outdoors, with atmospheric shots that make the most of natural light.

Why choose our wedding photographer for your special day?

We can capture every aspect of your special day in Southsea, from stunning portraits of the couple and their journey to the church, to the walk up the aisle.

Whether it’s candid photographs or intimate group shots, Carrier Lavers provides a rich and varied range of pictures for your wedding album. We promise that pictures will never look anything short of magazine quality.

Based in Winchester, Carrie Lavers is passionate about capturing your wedding in the highest quality pictures imaginable. Working discreetly in the background, she loves capturing real moments between guests.

Whether you’re in Winchester or Southsea, why not view our portfolio today? After all, it’s the pictures that speak for themselves.